Recreation & Problem Gambling

Recreation gambling can easily turn to problem gambling that can have serious and devastating effects both for the gambler and the gambler's family. Although no substance is ingested, the problem gambler gets the same effect from gambling as someone else might get from taking a tranquilizer or having a drink. The gambling alters the person's mood and the gambler keeps repeating the behavior attempting to achieve that same effect. But just as tolerance develops to drugs or alcohol, the gambler finds that it takes more and more of the gambling experience to achieve the same emotional effect as before. This creates an increased craving for the activity and the gambler finds they have less and less ability to resist as the craving grows in intensity and frequency. Please gamble responsibly, and if you feel you have a problem - get help...

Here are some of the warning signs:
-Gambling to escape worry or trouble.
-Gambling to get money to solve financial difficulties.
-Being unable to stop playing regardless of winning or losing.
-Gambling until the last dollar is gone.
-Losing time from work due to gambling.
-Borrowing money to pay gambling debts.
-Neglecting family because of gambling.
-Lying about time and money spent gambling.

Video Poker Strategies
Some playing strategies:

First, Never keep a kicker with any pair. Holding a kicker to any pair reduces your return by 5%.

2nd, Never draw four cards if you can draw three to a royal flush.

3rd, Always keep five-card winning pat hands with on exception: if you can, draw one card to a royal.

4th, Don't break a flush even if you can draw one to a straight flush, but

5th, always break a flush to draw to a royal.

6th, Never break a straight to draw to a straight flush.

7th, Never draw five if you have a jack or better, and

8th, don't keep a ten for a four card draw.

The odds

The odds on a given hand vary from game to game, of course, but generally speaking the house edge on Video Poker games is pretty small, even 0% in some cases. Where the Video Poker games get an edge is with players who do not follow an optimum strategy. In other words, winging any given game based on a loose understanding of Poker is going to lose you money.

Each Video Poker variation has its own quirks when it comes to the odds and optimum player strategy. In this section we'll give you a rough guide to the most popular games, but detailed strategy guides would take pages.

Jacks or Better Strategy
Jacks Or Better strategy can get a little complicated. For a full analysis check our references below, or follow this rough strategy guide:

Keep any hand that already pays. Possible exceptions, by potential value, are:

Hold four card Royal Flushes to make Straights or Flushes.
Four card straight flushes, inside or outside.
High card Pairs rank here.
Three card Royal Flushes.
Four card Flushes.
Low Pairs rank here, trying to build Three Of A Kind.
Four card Flushes.
Four card Straights. Hold inside Straights only if you've got three or more high cards (J, Q, K, A).

Astrology & Horoscopes

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